Welcome to CVMusicPro.com

We are a company on the cutting edge of today's listening pleasures. Music is, and always has been a universal language that cultivates rhythmic tones, stimulating the hearts and souls of all. There are many different categories of music throughout the globe. That's why we are here providing you with music that guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Our website. fashionably custom designed by AE Johnson and Assoc., and software design firm with you, the customer In mind. (www.aej.com) After countless hours of brain storming In what we call the MUSIC SITUATION ROOM, we successfully completed the website. Our customers can now listen to genre's in various musical categories, for example: Jazz - Classical - Funk - Contemporary Gospel - and much more. 

We provide two customer service departments, which allows you to choose our commercial department or non-commercial department. First let's talk about the commercial department, which focuses In on sales In music for movie scores, commercial Jingles, live performances sound production, ghost writing and etc. 

Secondly our company provides a library of music for our customers to purchase. In addition, for those musicians in need of someone to create a No. 1# hit recording, we're ready to get started, Forming a business relationship from the ground floor to the very top. (cost of each project will be negotiated at the time of project)

We also will be selling clothing and other apparel with Our logo on it. Such as shirts, belts, purses, stick on labels, hats, and much more, These Items are available on our website as well.

We are looking forward to expanding our music throughout the market, making it available through iTunes, online music stores, direct links of our site from Facebook, etc. etc. Like Nike, we want CVMUSICPRO.com to be a household name In the business community. A prolific sound of quality, professionalism, and unmistakable excellence.

Now it's time to view our website pages, be ready to be blown away.

Need to contact me for: composing of music for new artist and existing artist, jingles, movie scores, live performances,  private parties, weddings, ghost writing and etc?

Facebook: cvmusicpro  |  Email: info@cvmusicpro.com | Twitter: cv3sobit